Loot Crates

Loot Crates are collectible items containin' 4 random items, including ornamentals, special weapons, skill books, curses, level 4 skills, n' more.

Loot Crates are given to Patreon Supporter every Sunday.

Supporters can claim their Loot Crate with !Pirates Loot Crate


Loot Crates have a chance to be distributed during some special events n' circumstances:

  • When assemblin' a map from treasure map pieces n' recoverin' the treasure
  • Treasure Maps
  • When deemed MVP after an event
  • Defeating monsters
  • When opening barrels


Each Loot Crate contains four randomly selected items. Items come in the Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary quality levels, and every Loot Crate includes at least one Rare or better item. Loot Crate's contents are generated when the box is opened. Loot Crates are stored in a player's chest and cannot be stolen.


The overall chances for an item to be Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary are: Common 58.1%, Rare 31.7%, Epic 7.6%, and Legendary 2.6%.


The probability for the Loot Crate items are:

  • A Rare item or above is included in every box.
  • An Epic item is included in about 18.5% of all boxes.
  • A Legendary item is included in about 7.5% of all boxes.


To open a Loot Crate:

  1. Find the ID in your chest with !Pirates Chest
  2. Use the Loot Crate to open it, !Pirates Use <ID>, where <ID> is the ID number of the Loot Crate