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Pirate Maps n' Ports


Here be maps o' the game world:

Live Map

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Maps to help you decipher treasure maps: Atlas - Brethren Coast Map - Larger Map

Pirates Game Map




British | Dutch | French | Spanish | Independent | Pirate Haven

Each cell (also referred to as a grid or tile) is identified as Sea, Land, Both, or Restricted. Ye can sail to Land, or Both type of cells. Land and Restricted cells cannot be sailed to. Ye can anchor at Sea cells. Here is a raw listing of the cells and the types.


Live Port Information


Pirate Havens

Pirate Havens be a good place fer pirates to sell goods for better prices n' get cheaper prices at taverns n' brothels.
Captains that sail to a Pirate Haven every 6 hours earn a reward n' a speed bonus fer the ship!
Markets at pirate havens do not sell goods, but sell random curses that can effect the game world.

Curse Effect
Decay Ages pirate ye specify a random number of years
Destruction  Damages another ship for an hour (or until they repair it at a port)
Expel Sends another ship to a random location
Imprisonment  Traps a pirate fer 20mins
Plague Infects a pirate with a disease (will be infected or will have to pay doubloons if under the diseased level)
Shift  Teleports your own ship to location of your choice
Zonbiness  Turns a pirate into a zonbi



Raidin' Ports - Ye can raid ports to earn doubloons, treasure maps, items, n' rewards. Ye cannot raid ports whose factions are friendly to ye. Neutral n' hostile factioned ports can be raided. The crew or Captain can raid one of these ports n' will be asked upon arrival to the port.

The longer a port has not been raided (see the table above), the more loot you will receive when raiding it.

There are 3 different sized ports and vary in difficulty. Towns are the easiest, cities are harder, and strongholds are the toughest.
The tougher the port, the more doubloons that will be rewarded.

A crown (Dutch, English, French, Spanish) will pay extra to have an Independent port returned to them. Do this by raiding the port and installing one of their governors.

Pay attention to the game world news when a port is:
reinforced with soldiers, it will be tougher to raid
gold is discovered or trade flourishes, the port will have more doubloons
is infected with a disease, the port will have less doubloons and defenses

There are two different raids for ports:

  • RNG - The old system which the winner will be determined randomly

  • Interactive - A new system that requires the crew to perform actions to keep the ship afloat, rig sails, steer the ship, n' attack the port.

    Thar be three sizes o' ports: Towns, Cities, n' Strongholds. Towns are the easiest to raid, n strongholds be the hardest. Towns will be poorer than cities n' strongholds which will result in less booty.
    If your ship runs out of time then the raid will end and your ship will sail to a nearby port or cell.
    If your ship gets at or below 10% HP, your ship will automatically retreat.
    Cooldowns are variable and are based upon what command you use.
    Ports can be rendered offensively disabled by taking out all their cannons or when less than 10 soldiers are available


Interactive Raid Commands Action
Load Loads a cannon. Type of ammo can be specified and more than one cannon can be loaded
Fire Fires a cannon
Patch Repairs the ship
Rig Unfurls (lowers) or Reef (raise) sails that will change the amount of time you have to raid the port.
Based on what direction are you sailing when you steer
Shore Repairs the ship
Steer Lets you choose to advance or retreat from the port. This will change the time you have to raid
Shoot Uses your gun to shoot at soldiers at the port




Note: Below are the default ports n' factions that control them. Captains can change the faction by attacking hostile ports n' installin' a governor or durin' a war, a faction can take over a port.
View what faction controls the port n' the sailin' times in ye instance of the game usin' !Pirates Port. The sailing time between each port be roughly 8 minutes per cell.


List o' ports n' the default controlling faction:

Antigua - English
Barbados - English
Bermuda - English
Campeche - Spanish
Caracas - Spanish
Cartagena - Spanish
Coro - Spanish
Cumana - Spanish
Curacao - Dutch
Eluthera - English
Florida Keys - French
Gibraltar - Spanish
Gran Grenada - Spanish
Grand Bahama - English
Guadeloupe - French
Havana - Spanish
Leogane - French
Maracaibo - Spanish
Margarita - Spanish
Martinique - French
Montserrat - English
Nassau - English
Nevis - English
Nombre de Dios - Spanish
Panama - Spanish
Petit Goave - French
Port-de-Paix - French
Puerto Bello - Spanish
Puerto Cabello - Spanish
Puerto Principe - Spanish
Rio de la Hacha - Spanish
San Juan - Spanish
Santa Catalina - Spanish
Santa Marta - Spanish
Santiago - Spanish
Santiago de La Vega - Spanish
Santo Domingo - Spanish
Sint Maarten - Dutch
St. Augustine - Spanish
St. Eustatius - Dutch
St. Kitts - English
St. Martin - Dutch
Tortuga - French
Trinidad - Spanish
Vera Cruz - Spanish
Villa Hermosa - Spanish