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The Captain be the player wit' the most doubloons. Tis can be changed during mutinies or special events.


A common misconception about life on a Pirate ship surrounds the role and authority of the Captain. Unlike Captain's who were appointed by their respective governments and who's authority was supreme at all times, most pirate captain's were democratically elected by the ships crew and could be replaced at any time by a majority vote of the crewmen durin' a mutiny.

Some captains were mutinied fer not being aggressive enough for their crews, while others were abandoned by their crews for being too bloodthirsty and brutal.  Pirate Captain's were expected to be bold and decisive in battle as well as skilled in navigation and seamanship. Above all they had to have the force of personality necessary to hold together such an unruly bunch of seamen.

Captain - If a player is Cap'n, they will be handicapped when fighting other players (to see who the Cap'n is type !Pirates Captain). The Cap'n can be fought by players at least 3 levels +/- of other players. This will help from the Cap'n from getting to high against other players. If the Cap'n is too high to fight, ye can try to mutiny the Cap'n (!Pirates Mutiny), but ye will need a few pirates to vote wit' ye to be successful.
The Cap'n must also stay onboard (in the channel) or the crew will steal a portion of the Captain's booty until they return or someone else is Cap'n.

Controllin' Ports - The Captain will be the decidin' factor on which ports the ship controls by sailin' to ports n' claimin' them. The pirate ship (ships from other game instances) that controls the most ports will earn a bonus for the crew, earn the Cap'n a +1 fightin' power bonus when fightin' other ship Captains in ports, be rewarded a rare cannonball, n' pirates who 'ave the auto-sell option enabled in !Pirates Options will automatically sell ornamental items from their chests at ALL ports.

The easiest way to claim a port is to sail to an unclaimed port (see claimed ports wit' !Pirates Ports Unclaimed) n' then stay long enough to satisfy the time limit based on ye reputation with the port's faction (!Pirates Port <port> to see what faction controls the port n' then !Pirates Reputation <faction> to see ye reputation wit' them). Ye can see the status of the port ye be moored at wit' !Pirates Port Status
If ye be friendly to the ports, faction, it will take ye 15 minutes to claim the port, neutral takes 30 minutes, and hostile 60 minutes.
If another ship already controls the port, the times will be doubled, so Friendly 30 mins, Neutral 60 mins, Hostile 2 hours.
If another ship docks while ye be claiming a port, then the only way to claim the port is to win a fight against the ship's Cap'n or wait until the ship sails away, at which time the countdown will start over.
If another ship docks after ye claimed a port (and ye still there), ye will retain control of the port unless ye leave.
In a Cap'n vs Cap'n fight, if the losin' Captain's ship had a claim o' the port, the winner will instantly claim the port (unless another ship is docked at the port).
If the Cap'n loses a fight to a pirate from another ship in a contested port or if the Cap'n raids the port and fails, the ship will not be able to claim a port for 1 day.
If the Cap'n raids a port successfully, the port is instantly claimed.

Port "Taxes" - Ports that have been claimed (controlled) by a ship will pay the crew a "tax" for their protection. To earn this tax, the ship must already control the port and be gone for at least one hour before returning to claim the tax.

Indepedent Ports - Ports that declare indepedence from the Dutch, English, French, or Spanish will be announced to all pirate ships (game instances) n' can be raided at the next visit of ye ship. The faction that previously owned the port will give a reward to the pirate ship that returns the port to the crown. If ye raid the port n' choose another faction to own the port, the previous faction's standings wit' ye will decrease. Ye can view a list o' independent ports wit' !Pirates Port Independent
Pirates who 'ave the auto-sell option enabled in !Pirates Options will automatically sell ornamental items from their chests when the ship docks at an Independent port.

Captain vs Captain fights - Only a Captain from another pirate ship can fight another ship's Captain. Pirates can bet on who they think will win n' 'ave a chance to earn doubloons by choosin' the winnin' Cap'n. Beware, a pirate's bet will affect a Captain's power based on who he/she places their doubloons on.
If the losin' Captain's ship had a claim o' the port, the winner will instantly claim the port.

The losin' ship will not be able to claim the port the fight occured fer 1 day n' the ship will automatically sail to a random port within 2 minutes unless the Captain sails the ship away.
Command: !Pirates fight <Cap'n or name of pirate Captain> <ship>. Example: !Pirates fight Barbossa Queen Anne's Revenge
Each Captain's "fightin' power" be calculated completely different than normal fights. See the table below.

Item Power
Cap'n faction same as the port's faction +1
Cap'n's ship controls port +1
Cap'n faction is Pirate (custom) +1
fightin' Bonuses purchased from the store or market No effect
Weapons No effect
Player Level No effect
Stamina Same as stamina
Pirate bets +1 per pirate
Cap'n favor wit' the crew bein' Mutinous -2
Cap'n favor wit' the crew bein' Unhappy -1
Cap'n favor wit' the crew bein' Happy +1
Cap'n favor wit' the crew bein' Exultant +2
RNG +/- 3


Favorability - The Captain's success during certain events n' commands the Captain uses affected how favorable the Cap'n is to the crew.

The Captain's favorability will affect the Captain durin' random events, when fightin', n' the amount of pirates needed to mutiny.
Commands/Events that affect favor will be 'forgotten' by the crew after 48 hours.
New Captains (from the past 24 hours) will automatically start wit' the base favor which is 51. Ye can increase ye favor by performin' commands the crew will like (see table below). Example: If ye perform a ship quest, it will be boosted by 20% making ye favor 61.
Captains who be far ahead of the other top pirates in terms of wealth (overpowered) will 'ave their favor set to 50% (cause the crew get jealous of ye wealth) n' if they be deemed 'super overpowered' will 'ave favor set to 25%. The only way to recover from this be lowering ye wealth to match ye constituents.
Favor can be viewed wit' !Pirates Captain Favor

Requests - The Captain may grant the requests of the crew. When a pirate makes a request, the Cap'n will be notified. Complete the pirate's request n' ye will gain 3% favor wit' the crew.

Tasks - The Captain will be assigned tasks daily. These tasks are can only be viewed and completed by a Captain. The tasks be shared by all Captains for the day.


*** The commands and events listed below factor into favorability only when ye are Captain. ***

Command or Event (while Cap'n)
Abandon a ship vs ship battle -20 The crew be lookin' forward to mayhem n' booty...
Attack another ship successfully
Show ye grit durin' a battle
Attack another ship unsuccessfully
The crew wants a strong leader
Bite another pirate when a vampire
The crew doesn't like ye bitin' the crew...
Captain Command: Away -10% A good Cap'n is always available...
Captain Command: Bonus (pirate)
Show ye like to reward good pirates
Captain Command: Bonus (self)
The crew wants ye to share the wealth
Captain Command: Brig
Ye gotta show ye not afraid to punish bad pirates... as long as ye dont touch their doubloons
Captain Command: Command
The crew like ye doin' ye job while they do theirs
Captain Command: Crew Bonus
The crew likes to be rewarded
Captain Command: Demote
The crew don't like it when ye punish a fellow pirate so harshly
Captain Command: Find
Good fer the crew to 'ave a chance at doubloons
Captain Command: Flog
Best to keep those bilge rats in line who not be showin' good seamanship
Captain Command: Forfeit +100 The crew appreciates ye forfeitin' ye wealth fer the betterment o' the ship n' crew!
Captain Command: Free
Show ye 'ave some compassion by freein' a poxied bilge rat
Captain Command: Map (pirate)
Gives the crew to 'ave a chance at doubloons
Captain Command: Map (self)
The crew wants ye to share the wealth
Captain Command: Mass Find
Gives the crew to 'ave a chance at doubloons
Captain Command: Monster
Gives the crew to 'ave a chance at doubloons n' earn some glory
Captain Command: Parlay (pirate)
This be only to protect a fellow pirate from others, right?
Captain Command: Party
The Cap'n like to party n' so does the crew!
Captain Command: Parlay (self)
When the crew wants to fight ye, they want to do it now. Ye stopped 'em from that
Captain Command: Promote
A good Cap'n both rewards n' punishes
Captain Command: Quest
Gives the crew to 'ave a chance at some booty
Captain Command: Rest
The crew likes to 'ave some time off to recover
Captain Command: Repair +10% The crew like when ye pay to better the ship
Captain Command: Riddle
The crew be likin' contests n' showin' how smart they be
Captain Command: Rum (pirate)
Show ye like to reward good pirates
Captain Command: Rum (self)
Don't keep all that rum to yeself
Captain Command: Sail
We be pirates n' want to sail... just sure its to a new port
Captain Command: Sail Path
Pirates be impressed the Cap'n can plan routes n' get to places sooner
Captain Command: Share
Shares ye wealth wit' the crew. This be the best way to garner the jealousy of the crew fer bein' overpowered
Captain Command: Special
The crew likes gifts n' events
Captain Command: Voucher
Gives a good crewmember a reward
Change Course in the middle of a voyage when another pirate ship is not nearby
The crew be lookin' forward to the other port n' now ye changed the destination!
Sail to a port that takes 1 hour or more
The crew don't like to be out too long.
Sail to a port that takes 2 hours or more
The crew don't like to be out too long.
Captain Command: Walk the Plank
Takin' doubloons n' stamina... the crew don't want ye takin' their booty
Charver another pirate
Get a wench fer this instead
Claim a port
The crew be likin' the chance to get more doubloons wit' the most claimed ports
Complete a ship quest successfully
Doubloons n' glory!
Complete a ship quest unsuccessfully
The crew doesn't like losin'
Crew Sail to another port without the Cap'n
The crew not be likin' a Cap'n who does not sail when n' where the crew wants to go!
Donate to a faction
Helps the crew get into more ports n' gives ye a chance to backstab a faction
fight another pirate
Ye should be above fightin' other pirates
Lose a fight to another pirate Cap'n in a port -10% Ye crew has lost faith in ye fightin' abilities
Win a fight against another pirate Cap'n in a port +10% Ye earned the crew's respect n' the population of the port knows whose boss!
fight the bot
Show the crew ye be the 'True' Cap'n
Employ a port's workers to ready the ship to get underway
The crew has less work to do n' more time to play while moored!
Grant a pirate's request
The crew be makin' requests of ye, so let 'em know ye care about 'em.
Moor at a port where another pirate ship is
The crew likes to 'ave a chance to fight, rob, n' charver other pirates
Not use a Captain command in the past 2 hours
The crew needs someone to command 'em n' not disappear hours at a time
Lockpick a pirate's chest
Don't touch another pirate's booty, Cap'n
Pirate Crew Command: Hate (!Pirates Hate)
A crewmember not be likin' ye. Maybe it time to woo 'em
Pirate Crew Command: Hate (!Pirates Love)
A crewmember be likin' ye command
Pray to Davey Jones
Davey should not be trusted
Put a bounty on another pirate
Gives others a chance to seek revenge fer ye
Purchase an item fer the ship from a port's market
This be benefittin' the crew by keepin' ye ship in tip top shape!
Raid a port
Chance fer doubloons, fame, n' booty
Raid a port successfully
Doubloons, fame, booty, n' a new port to call home
Raid a port unsuccessfully
The crew does not like failure
Fail to raid a port when available2
The crew be wantin' booty n' ye be too lazy to type !Pirates Raid
The crew don't like weak Cap'ns
Rob another pirate
The crew wants ye to raid a port or ship instead
Pays a pirate some o' ye wealth to help hide the ship
Sailing event where ship gets to the destination sooner than expected
The crew likes to get to the wenches sooner
Sailing event where the ship takes longer to get to it's destination
The crew blames the Cap'n fer even things he/she can't control
Sail to a cell after sailing from a cell -10% The crew would like to visit civilization
Sail to a Pirate Haven n' last visit was >6 hours
The crew enjoys the company o' fellow pirates n' cheaper services
Sail to a port controlled by a Faction that has not been visited today1
The crew likes to see n' sites n' visit new wenches
Sail to a port that be controlled by the same Faction more than 3x today1
The crew feels like they be owned by a faction when doin' this
Sail to a port that has already been visited today1
The crew be full of pirates, not merchantmen
Sail to a Port that has not been visited today1
New sites, sounds, n' wenches
Sail to a Port that takes longer than 2 hours
The crew like their port calls n' not long voyages
Ship automatically sails after bein' at a port for too long (6+ hours)
The crew be bored stayin' at the same port for so long
Ship Upgrade: Bronze Cannons
Crew likes ship upgrades
Ship Upgrade: Copper Plating
Crew likes ship upgrades
Ship Upgrade: Cotton Sails
Crew really likes this ship upgrade
Ship Upgrade: Fine-Grain Powder
Crew likes ship upgrades
Sponsor a pirate
Show ye want to help the landlubbers get acclimated
Start a party successfully
Fun times for everyone
Surrender in a ship vs ship battle -50% What kind o'Cap'n surrenders?
Troll a pirate
Shouldn't ye be above this as Cap'n?
Use a cheat
Pirates don't like others that cheat
Win a Lottery
The crew be jealous of ye luck
1 - Calculated when the ship arrives at port.
2 - Has no effect towards crew reputation if the Diplomat season bonus is active: !Pirates Bonus Diplomat


Mutinies - A Cap'n can be mutinied if they 'ave fallen out of favor wit' the crew.

The base number of pirates that be needed to mutiny a Cap'n be a percentage o' the onboard pirates. Captain's favor will affect how many pirates be needed to perform a successful mutiny.
If the Cap'n gets mutinied, the pirate who started the mutiny will be set as the new Cap'n until they lose a fight (when fought by another pirate) or an hour has passed. Once that has happened, the richest pirate will be Cap'n.
Ye can view how many pirates be needed to mutiny yeself or 'nother Cap'n wit' !Pirates Mutiny.
*** The Cap'n can stop a mutiny in progress by startin' a party wit' !Pirates Captain Party ***

Captain Favor
Crew Morale
Effect on Mutinies
Effect on fights
< 26%
-2 pirates
-4 power
< 51%
-1 pirate
-2 power
> 50% and < 70%
> 70%
+1 pirate
> 90%
+2 pirates
+1 power



Captain Pros n' Cons

Pros Cons
Has special commands that can geatly affect the game
Can be fought by players more than 2 levels away
Has special random events
Large chance to be handicapped when fought
Has a special command at any level to earn doubloons !Pirates Captain Command
Doubloons be stolen when not onboard
Earns a discount in the store
Unable to do low level commands such as swab n' clean
Earns 2x shares (double) when raiding a ship during an encounter n' when raiding a port
Must make the crew happy with good commands due to favorability
Has chance of a good random event if favorability is above 50%
Can be mutinied
Chooses where to sail the ship giving chance to raid a port or earn bonus in a friendly port
Has chance of a bad random event if favorability is 50% or below
Has a chance to earn rewards when arrivin' at friendly ports
Unable to perform group or personal quests
Can decide with one vote to attack a monster durin' an encounter
If too far ahead of other players, can be deemed overpowered which affect mutinies, fight payouts, and random events.
Can change a port's faction by sailin' to a hostile port n' attackin' it
Achievement payouts are reduced
Can win the game once level 30 is reached n' be posted in the Hall of Fame
Can only fight pirate captains n' not other ship crewmembers while moored


Captain Commands:

*** Pirate Captains that be level 4 and below be limited to only using !Pirates Sail and !Pirates Captain Command ***

Commands in GREEN help ye favorability as Cap'n when ye don't use it on yeself. Commands in RED give ye negative favorability. Commands in ORANGE give ye negative favorability if ye use the command on yeself.
Favorability may affect the crew's attitudes towards ye n' may cause ye headaches later (mutinies, ganging up on ye when fighting, bad random events, etc). All commands except for Sail are preceded with !Pirates Captain. Example: !Pirates Captain Bonus CaptJack

  • Alert3 <message> - Sends a message to up to 10 crewmembers who 'ave been awake for the past 30 minutes.
  • Away3 - Enables the Captain to be marked as 'away' and relinquishes the Captaincy to the 2nd richest pirate. The Captain will no longer be away once they type any !Pirates command after an hour has passed. The time left of the away status can be viewed by the Captain wit' !Pirates Captain Away. The away status is shown in !Pirates Status <Captain> n' !Pirates Top
  • Bonus <pirate>1 - Gives a bonus o' doubloons to a pirate.
  • Brig <pirate>1 - Puts a player in the brig fer minutes.
  • Command2 - Earns the Cap'n some doubloons. Does not count toward the 'Captain command timeout'.
  • Crew Bonus1 - Gives the onboard crew a bonus.
  • Demote1 - Lower's a player's level.
  • Favor - Shows the Captain's favor wit' the crew.
  • Find1 - Spots an item in the ocean givin' pirates a chance to earn doubloons.
  • Forfeit3 - If the Captain is deemed overpowered (excessive wealth), the ship will be restocked n' refurbished, n' the crew will be restored. The Captain will give up a significant amount o' doubloons fer tis...
  • Flog1 - Punishes a player with the cat o' nine tails.
  • Free1 - Frees a pirate from the brig.
  • Map <pirate>1 - Gives a pirate a treasure map.
  • Mass Find1 - Finds something floating in the water for pirates to pull in.
  • Monster1 - Starts a monster encounter.
  • Parlay <pirate>1 - Grants a pirate a 30 minute parlay (pirate cannot fight or be fought for 30 mins).
  • Party1 - Starts a ship party.
  • Promote <pirate>1 - Promotes a pirate up one level. Pirate does not incur an upkeep fee.
  • Quest1 - Starts a new ship quest.
  • Rep3 - Shows how much the Captain has been loved or hated for the day.
  • Rest1 - Gives the crew time off (recovers the crew's stamina).
  • Request - Lists the requests the crew has made of ye.
  • Riddle1 - Starts up a riddle contest (two riddles) that shows ye who be the wittiest o' the crew fer a reward. The Cap'n cannot answer the riddles.
  • Rum <pirate>1 - Gives a pirate some rum, restoring their stamina.
  • Rumor - Pays a pirate onboard the ship to dispel the whereabouts o' the ship. This command does not count as against performing other Cap'n commands. Hides the ship's location fer two hours from other pirate ships in case ye ship's crew is being inundated from fights from other ships. It be best to sail to a new location once ye use this command. Ye efforts can go to waste if ye sail to a port where another ship be n' one o' ye crew fights them. The ship will gain a +1 speed bonus n' be hidden from other ships.
  • Sail <destination>3 - Sails the ship to a port or a cell. A cell is a coordinate from the map such as A1 or L7. This command does not count as against performing other Cap'n commands. The command is !Pirates Sail <destination>. If ye encounter a ship while on a voyage, make sure it is someone you want to attack or else ye may just make the wrong faction mad. See the list of ports n' sailing times wit' !Pirates Port
    The Cap'n can change the course of the ship while in the middle of a voyage wit' !Pirates Sail Change <destination>, but this can only be done a couples times a day.
  • Share1 - Shares some o' the Captain's wealth wit' the crew.
  • Special1 - Starts a special event or gives the crew special gifts.
  • Teleport3 - Instantly teleports the ship to a Pirate Haven. The ship must have a special ship upgrade fer this command...
  • Walk the plank <pirate>1 - Makes a pirate walk the plank which makes 'em lose doubloons (and ye get them) and stamina.
  • Voucher <pirate>1 - Gives a pirate a voucher for a free item from the market or ship's store.

 1 - These commands are considered special Cap'n commands n' share the same cooldown.
 2 - This is the Capn's work command n' has its own seperate cooldown.
 3 - May have a cooldown based on the specific command or item being used. Does not count towards the Cap'n command cooldowns

All other commands do not affect the two cooldowns listed above.