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Don't have an IRC client? Get mIRC, AdiIRC, or HexChat.

Pirate Ships (Game Instances):

Abandoned-IRC Server: irc.Abandoned-IRC.net Channel: #ZW-Pirates - Join now in Mibbit (popup window)

IRC-nERDs Server: irc.IRC-nERDs.net Channel: #Pirates - Join now in Mibbit (popup window)

MyAnonamouse Server: irc.myanonamouse.net (port +7000) Channel: #Pirates - Private server

2600net Server: irc.2600.net Channel: #Pirates - Join now in Mibbit (popup window)

Rizon Server: irc.rizon.net Channel: #Pirates - Join now in Mibbit (popup window)

Technet Server: us.technet.xi.ht Channel: #Pirates - Join now in Mibbit (popup window)

XeroMem Server: irc.xeromem.com Channel: #Pirates -Join now in Mibbit (popup window)

Mibbit is a web client and should be used to test out the game. For a better experience, use an IRC Client such as:


* If ye be new to the network, ye will need to register yer nickname so others for authenication. Type /msg Nickserv Help to learn how to register your name on the network


After Connecting to the server and joining the channel, type !Pirates Enlist <Gender> <Faction>

Genders: Male, Female, or Undisclosed

Faction: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Native, or Jesuit Click here to see the differences in faction bonuses

Example: !Pirates Enlist Male English

Ready to play? Check out the Rules, Help, and Tips on playing!




Interested in adding PiratesIRC to your network or channel?

The game can be put in a shared channel in a "reduced messages" mode or its own exlusive channel. Ships can be on multiple channels of the same network and mirror messages from the bot.


  • The network must have Nickserv
  • In order to mitigate the risk of the ship becoming a 'ghost ship' and to maximize fun (more players = more fun), the channel must have at least 20 active chatters

Process to get a new ship:

  1. Contact mruno with network, server, and channel names
  2. The network and channel will be evaluated to ensure requirements are met
  3. If requirements are met and the game server can support a new ship:
    • Choose a ship name not already bein' used. This ship list shows names, icons, and badges already being used
    • Select a ship icon and ship badge for the live map n' must not already be in use


Channel Statuses

If the bot is set as the owner of the channel, the player statuses will be:

+v - player
+h - Pirate Legend (if halfops are supported by the server)
+o - Moderator

If the bot is not set as the owner, all players will be +v