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The best way to earn doubloons is to ensure ye stay on the channel.
Otherwise, ye will miss mass events such as ship quests, raids, idle bonuses, etc.
Here be a free way to remain on IRC without keeping your computer on.


Playing Styles - There are two styles of playing Pirates. Active and casual. Active players will always have an advantage over casual players from using commands, but casual players will receive multiple idle bonuses throughout the day. Maximize your profit by choosing a faction based on your style of play. If you are unsure of which style you want to play, choose a faction such as English that is a well rounded faction for both active and casual players.


New Player Commands - The first 9 levels have commands available to them to help gain doubloons: Players level 1-5 can perform !Pirates Swab, !Pirates Carry, !Pirates Clean, !Pirates Rig, and !Pirates Lookout commands. Players 5-9 can perform !Pirates Steer, !Pirates Fix, !Pirates Cook, and !Pirates Repair.


Chatting - Ye can earn doubloons by chatting in the Pirates channel. Chatting does not count ye as being "active". Ye can chat all ye want and still earn up to 25 idle bonuses per day. !Pirates triggers will count ye as "active".


Leveling – Ye need doubloons to level so do everything you can to earn doubloons: fighting, digging for treasure, fishing, idling, games, robbing, etc. If ye have weapons, ye can sell them before ye level (!Pirates Sell) and  it is best to sell them BEFORE ye level so ye will not incur an upkeep fee. Upkeep is calculated by calculating the difference between ye level and the weapon's level. Rare and unique weapons do not incur an upkeep. Once ye are showing negative numbers for reaching the next level in !Pirates Today, ye will level (unless ye have already leveled that day, then the time will be shown on when ye will level). Ye can use the !Pirates Today command to initiate an immediate level up after selling weapons if ye are close to leveling.


Tasks - Complete tasks to get a large bonus. Use the !Pirates Tasks command to see what tasks need to be completed. If you are unsure what the tasks wants you to do, visit the help page and read the commands list. New tasks will be assigned when you advance levels.


Stamina - Stamina is needed to perform actions on the ship such as: rob, dig, cast, charver, fight, defend, storm, lockpick, fish, dive, sabotage, work, n ship tasks. Restore stamina by visitin' wenches or a tavern while in a port or from purchasin' rum from the ship's store.


Referrals - Players level 3 and below can specify who got 'em to join the crew with !Pirates Referral <pirate>. Both pirates will earn a bonus when this is done and fer every 10 levels the referred player gains.


Fights – Look for pirates to fight with !Pirates Level. Use !Pirates Power to check your power and the pirate you intend to fight to ensure ye have a good chance of winning by having a higher power rating. Use !Pirate Davey Jones and !Pirates Charver to help increase ye fightin' power or lower a potential opponent's power.

If a pirate fight ye n' wins, ye will be "hurt"for a random amount of time n' then ye will recover. Healin' (!Pirates Heal) enable ye to instantly recover from a fight someone else started wit' ye, but ye lost. While ye are hurt, ye will not be able to initiate a fight until ye are healed, either over time or wit' the heal command. Ye will not be considered hurt if ye start a fight n' lose.

Fightin' power be calculated at runtime n' the formula be: LEVEL + GUN + SWORD + FACTION + SKILL + BONUS + RNG - BOUNTIES - AGE +/- CAPTAIN
Cap'n vs Cap'n fights while moored in a port, formula be here.

LEVEL = pirate level, GUN = gun level (if not broken), SWORD = sword level (if not broken), FACTION = faction power bonuses, SKILL = skill power bonuses, BONUS = power bonuses from purchases or random events, RNG = 50% chance for either pirate to receive a power bonus of +1 to +4, AGE = -1 power if pirate be over the age of 30, CAPTAIN = Cap'n controls (see below).
CAP'N CONTROLS: If either pirate in the fight is the Cap'n and Cap'n Limiting is enabled, then the Cap'n has a 15% chance to increase their power durin' the fight (RNG of +5 to +10), otherwise their power will be reduced (RNG of -3 to -8 points). If the Cap'n is overpowered (way ahead of other pirates in terms of doubloons), then a RNG of -4 to -8 power will be instituted.
If both pirates end up wit' the same power, then there be a 50% chance for either player to win wit' an RNG of +1.
A CRITICAL HIT* can occur (1% chance) if the followin' requiments are met: Cap'n is overpowered and Cap'n limited is enabled or the pirate who started the fight is a higher level than the competitor. The luck skill can increase the critical chance by an additional 1% n' cheat 001 will give a 100% chance.
There is a 2% chance a gun or sword can be STOLEN* from the pirate starting the fight. This can be increased if the pirate bein' fought has certain skills.

* - Does not occur when a pirate is fightin' a pirate from another ship.


Personal Quests - Personal quests are very profitable fer when ye get to level 10. (!Pirates Quest List) View the details of each type of quest (!Pirates Quest Details <type>) and compare the cost versus the reward and choose the most profitable and shortest quest (!Pirates Quest Start <type>). Ye can only start one quest per day.


Group Quests - Group quests be similiar to personal quests, but require at least 2 other pirates to join ye. The number of pirates required will be listed in !Pirates Quest Group Details <type>. Group quests be better for players who are havin' a hard time completin' personal quests. Group quests can only fail when a pirate is not onboard for 3 hours or when several pirates are not onboard and the cumulative hours is 3 or more.


Weapons – If ye have weapons, ye can use them to help ye level by selling them before you are close to level. Use !Pirates Sell to see how much ye will get for them (broken weapons are almost worthless). Ye can not repair weapons that are broken, so repair or customize them before ye use 'em up. Customizing weapons will also repair them n' add 10 durability fer each customization.


Skills - Skills can greatly affect the game. Choose the skill that best suites ye style of play. Non-active players, or idlers, will want to choose the Meditation skill. Pirates who like to fight should choose the Swordsmanship n' Marksman skills. Pirates who like to fish should obviously choose the Fishing skill, thieves choose the Thievery skill, n' pirates who like to do everything but fightin' should choose the Defense skill.


Aging - Players will start the game at 18 years. Ye will gain age 1 year for every 10 levels you gain, when the season is over (a player reaches level 30 and wins the season), and during certain misfortunate events. Once ye are over the age of 30, ye will be deducted 1 point of power. Players that reach 40 and 50 years of age will be dudected 2 and 3 points of power, and so on. Ye can regain ye age by purchasing an elixir from the store (!Pirates Store Youth).


Treasure Maps - Ye can get a treasure map from catching bottles that be in the water wit' !Pirates Cast (when advertised), when offered for sale in the market, or in taverns. Once ye receive a treasure map, they will be store in ye chest. Ye can sell them in the market or ye can use them wit' !Pirates Use Treasure Map. Follow the prompt to decide if ye want to keep it fer yeself or share it wit' the crew. If ye keep it fer yeself, ye will receive all of the treasure. If ye share it, ye will get part o' the treasure, but it will be divided among the crew. After ye decision, ye will read the map n' see where the treasure appears to be. If ye decided to keep the map, the map will continue to reside in ye chest until the treasure be located, otherwise sharing the map removes it from ye chest. Once ye arrive to a port that a map be near, ye will receive a notification (channel message if ye shared the map, no notification if ye kept it fer yeself) to use !Pirates Search to locate the map. Keepin' the map may make it harder to locate than sharin' it wit' the crew. Ye can use !Pirates Maps to see where the deciphered maps are showin' ye where treasure is located.


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