Season Mods

Dividin' Up the Plunder!

The plunder be divided when a player reaches level 30 (may be different on some ships, but the default is level 30). The player that reaches the specified level first, will be the winner of the "season". The winning player will receive a win bonus and can no longer able to be dueled or robbed.

Once a pirate wins, the game will start a cooldown (at least 4 hours or more) before resetting the game n' startin' a new Season.

When the new season starts, it will wipe all doubloons, weapons, skills, and stats for all players so every pirate has an even playing field. The winner of the season will be recorded in the Hall of Fame 'ave his or her difficulty will be increased, n' will have a 👑(crown) added to their nickname.

Pirates that have played during the season will start as a higher level in the next season. The number o' seasons a person has played in will determine how high a player will be once the game resets.
Example: CaptJack has played in 3 seasons. Once the game resets CaptJack will start the next game as level 4. Seasons + 1 = starting level

Seasons affect duels. Pirates will gain 1 point for each season they have played in unless they are a Hall of Famer.
Example: CaptJack has played in 2 seasons and will have a season "bonus" of 1 point in a duel.
To see how many seasons a player has participated in, see !Pirates Info <player>
If a player has been in more than 3 seasons, their points and level will be maxed at 3.

If there are new players that want to join in, it is best that they enlist in the crew BEFORE the new season begins.



Season Mods

Season mods will have a chance to start once the ship reaches Season 3 or above. These mods change mechanics of the game in order to make the new season more exciting.

  • Adept Pirates - Start skills at level 3 n' learn as many as ye want!
  • Bountiful Buccaneers - The ship's doubloon rate be increased by 20%!
  • Brotherhood o' the Wolf - All pirates in the crew will be infected wit' Lycanthropy at the start o' the season n' if they join the crew durin' tis season mod!
  • Cap'n Levelin' - Once the Captain advances a level, the rest of the crew will advance as well (within a few minutes and up to level 29)
  • Captain by Force - Any pirate who wins a duel vs the Cap'n will become Cap'n fer 10mins!
  • Complimentary Armaments - Weapons are free to buy, repair, n' upgrade (free = less than 10 doubloons)!
  • Free fer All - Duel pirates any level above 3! (own ship only)
  • Incompetent Pirates -The only skill ye can learn be incompetence!
  • Mindless Marauders - Mental states affect pirates at all levels!
  • None - Normal season without any modifications.
  • Pirates Choice - Players vote who they want to be Captain every 6 hours! (!Pirates Vote)
  • Pirate Merchants - Trade goods at any level!
  • Pirate Raiders - Raid any port regardless o' relationship!
  • Pauper Privateers - The ship's doubloon rate be reduced by 20%!
  • PVOP - Pirates vs Other Pirates - No fightin' pirates on ye own ship!
  • Rotten Raiders - Diseases can be acquired at any level!