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Landlubber Pirates (below level 10) help
Apprentice Pirates (level 10+) help
Master Pirates (level 20+) help



Level Fishing Digging Store Bot
Games Pirate
Blackjack Diving Cap'n
Bounties Auctions Sabotage Personal
Mutinies Markets Skills1 Troll Invest Group
Trading Diseases Mental
1 - Skills can be acquired at any level with the help of a skill book or season bonus.

Check out the Tips page to learn how to play more effectively!



All commands start with !Pirates <Command > (without the < > characters). Example: !Pirates Duel CaptainBarbossa

Ability - Lists the active faction's ability, the command you must use to activate your faction's ability, and the number of times the ship can use abilities for the day.

About <pirate> - Shows information like affliation, spouses, job, and age for yeself or another pirate.

Achievement <pirate> - See the achievements ye or another have gotten since ye have been onboard.

Age <pirate> - Shows ye how young a pirate be.

Announcements - Lists the latest game developments.

Auction - Tis be just like ebay! Post or bid on auction fer many useful and useless items!

Awake - Lists the players that be considered active

Bio <pirate> – Displays biography information for yeself or another pirate.

Bonus – Will give ye a bonus fer bein' a crewmember for more than one season such as instantly gain +3 levels, earn 10% more doubloons, n' never get diseased.

  • Anti-Disease - Tis bonus will ensure ye will never become infected wit' a disease.
  • Cheater - Resets ALL cheats ye 'ave used previous seasons so ye can use them again! Ye must know the cheat codes or else tis be useless.
  • Diplomat - Makes all factions always like ye, earnin' ye more gifts, bonuses, n' enablin' ye more violence to others at ports! Ye can also raid all ports!
  • Endless-Energy - Always have full stamina! If ye every run low on stamina, !Pirates Stamina will restore it manually.
  • Level-Up - Instantly advances ye +3 levels!
  • Mo-Doubloons - Gain 10% more doubloons for every doubloon that be added to ye coffers!
  • No-Repair - Never have to repair a weapon again! Weapons appear to wear down, but never will. If ye gun or sword get damaged, ye can manually restore 'em wit' !Pirates Weapons
  • Skillz - Ye instantly learn a skill o' ye choosin' n' will be advanced to level 3 in said skill!
  • Trader - Doubles the items ye can sell at markets.

Bored - Lists commands that ye can do that are not in a cooldown.

Bot - Shows if there be a duel bot. Bot is used to duel against so ye can get more doubloons! The bot will change level every 10 minutes and after it has been dueled.

Bounties - Displays the bounty list. Bounties can only be claimed by pirates on ye own ship.

Bounty <pirate> - Ye can set up to 2 bounties fer pirates who ye want revenge on. Bounties can be collected by starting and winnin' a duel with a scallywagger who has a bounty on their head. Each bounty placed on a pirate will decrease their duelin' power by one.

Brig – Lists the current pirates in the brig. Pirates who are in the brig do not earn any doubloons and cannot make any !pirate commands.

Brig <pirate> - Shows why the pirate specified is in the brig.

Bug - Explains how to submit a bug report.

Captain - Shows who the Cap'n is if ye not be the Cap'n, otherwise lists commands available to the Cap'n. The Cap'n be the richest pirate onboard. Captain commands n' tips can be seen here.

Change Nickname - Only fer level 1 landlubbers to change the nickname they initially get when joinin' the crew.

Charver <pirate> - Ye get a bit lonely onboard. Get some duelin' power n' maybe some doubloons! Ye can charver pirates from other ships wit' !Pirates Charver <pirate> <ship>1

Cheat - Know some cheat codes? Cheats can be entered by messaging the bot: /msg <bot> !Pirates Cheat <code> Cheats can only be used once per player.

Cheat Index Cheat Effects
001 100% chance of a critical hit on ye next pirate duel ye initiate
002 +100 stamina and ye cannot be dueled
003 Gain +10 stamina
004 Get a load of doubloons
005 Enable the debug mode
006 Get a special sword
007 Gain +5 power fer ye next duel
008 Get a special nickname
009 Immediately duel the Captain
010 Gain +2 stamina, +1 sword power, +1 gun power fer the next duel
011 Weapons receive a customized color
012 Gain a level instantly
013 Start a custom personal quest
014 Gives new custom weapons
015 Gives ye a special gun
016 Gives ye a special colored item
017 Gives ye a special colored nickname
018 Gives ye a special nickname
019 Grants ye a random completed skill that ye 'ave not learned yet
020 Reduces the points needed to learn a skill by half
021 Receive an "Advanced Weapons Set"
022 Gives the Captain a new nickname
023 Gives a bonus to lazy pirates
024 Rum be free to the cheatin' pirate fer 8 hours
025 Summon a Zonbi
026 Cheater receives a bonus o' doubloons
027 Starts a random encounter o' Zonbis
028 Gives ye an item that can be used to teleport the ship
029 Gives ye a special nickname
030 Gives ye a +10 power bonus fer 10mins
031 Prevents manacles and port bounties from occurring
032 Gain 100% crew morale
033 Duelin' invincibility fer 1 hour
034 Infinite stamina
035 Ship travels at ludicrous speed


Cheats <pirate> - Lets ye see how many times a pirate has tried to cheat and what cheats they have used.

Chest <pirate> - Lets ye view the items ye 'ave stored that ye 'ave caught, made, stolen, etc. Ye can also use this command on another pirate to get an idea of what they may 'ave stashed away. Ye newest items be in the top o' ye chest (!Pirates Chest or !Pirates Chest 1). View all the items in ye chest wit' !Pirates Chest All

Crew - List o' commands available to the crew to make the ship faster, repair, vote pirates into the brig, etc.

Davey Jones <pirate> - Solitics the help of Davey Jones fer when ye about to duel. If ye be lucky, Davey Jones will take some duelin' power, stamina, or both from ye opponent.

Daily - Shows ye how long until the next daily event.

Dig - Ye can find buried treasure or other pirates' stashes. Good luck matey!

Discard - Used to get rid o' an item ye no longer need in ye chest.

Disease - Lists ye dieases. If a disease reaches 100%, ye duelin' power will be reduced by 1 per disease. Read more here.

Dive - Lets you dive while on a voyage to find treasure under the waves. The Cap'n must have set sail (!Pirates Captain Sail) fer ye to be able to dive.

Duel <pirate> - Starts an interactive duel with a pirate. Duels will consist of up to 10 rounds n' each pirate will choose a move for each round. Both pirates will have 10 Hit Points. Whomever has the least amount of HP after 10 rounds or reaches 0 HP, loses.

Move Type Best used against (in order)
Flunge Attack Parry, Deflect
Thrust Attack Deflect, Counter
Slash Attack Counter, Dodge
Stab Attack Dodge, Parry
Counter Defend Slash, Thrust
Dodge Defend Thrust, Slash
Parry Defend Flunge, Stab
Deflect Defend Stab, Flunge

Start a duel wit' !Pirates Duel <pirate>
Aft' the pirate has accepted the duel, choose a move by private messaging the game bot: !Pirates Duel <move> - Up to 5 moves can be entered at once. Example: !Pirates Duel flunge counter stab parry slice

Donate <faction> - Helps ye increase ye favorability with a faction. Check ye reputation with a faction with the !Pirates Relations <faction> trigger. Note: It may take several donations to change your rep from Hostile to Neutral to Friendly. Attacking a faction's ships decreases ye rep.

Faction <pirate> - Displays a pirate's faction Click here to see the bonuses each faction receives.

Fight <pirate> - Starts a fight with another pirate. The winner be determined by calculating pirates' power (!Pirates Power) along with a degree of randomness. It be best if ye have weapons. Buy some in the store. Ye can fight a pirate from another ship if ye own ship and another ship be moored at the same port wit' !Pirates Fight <pirate> <ship>1

Fish - Lets ye fish if ye not busy doing other work. Sometimes ye find some good items worth lots of doubloons or times ye hook the wrong things...

Flask - Restores ye stamina by drinkin' from ye flask.

Games – Lists the games that be available to play. It be a good way to earn some extra cash by cheatin' against other pirates.

Gift - Lets ye gift a pirate that joined the crew within the past three days if ye be at least 3 levels or higher than them.

Goods - Lists the goods ye 'ave ready to sell.

Hate - The Cap'n make a move ye disliked? Show how ye feel wit' !Pirates Hate which decreases their favor by 1%.

Heal - Are ye hurt after bein' dueled n' losin'? Ye can get back in the fight by gettin' healed by the doc for a nominal fee or ye can wait out the trauma n' ye will recover over time.

Homeport <pirate> - Shows the pirates homeport n' the last time they 'ave visited.

Heal - Shows ye hungerr level. Levels from most hungry to not: ravenous, famished, hungry, comfortable, satisfied, sated, gorged.

Info - Lists pirate information like level, rank, rank, game difficulty, n' most vicious (based on duel wins). Shows weapons and if onboard or in port. Check a pirate that be a crewmember of another ship wit' !Pirates Info <pirate> <ship>

Invest - List any investments ye may 'ave n' lets ye invest in businesses fer doubloons. Read more here or wit' !Pirates Invest Help

Level <number> - Lists the pirates that are onboard and within two levels of the level ye want (if specified). If ye ship n' another ship be moored at the same port, pirates from the other ship will be included in this list.

Load <shot> - Loads a cannon wit' the cannon shot ye specify.

Lockpick <pirate> - Attempts to steal an item 'n doubloons from a pirate's chest. Be sure n' see what their chest's value be wit' !Pirates Chest <pirate>.

Lottery - Displays the last lottery's information. Lottery drawing will be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8pm EST. If not enough pirates, all previously purchased tickets will be carried over to the next drawing. There will be a winner at least once a week if the mininum amount of pirates playing the lottery (currently set to 3). Purchase tickets in the store wit' !Pirates Store Lottery. View ye tickets wit' !Pirates Lottery Tickets.

Love - The Cap'n make a move ye liked? Show ye appreaciation wit' !Pirates Love which increases their favor by 1%.

Maps - Shows ye the maps that be deciphered that be in ye inventory or the ship's.

Market - Ye must be moored to use a port's market. Here ye can buy special items n' sell items from ye chest.

Mental - Show ye or 'nother pirate's mental state. Mental states are increased by targetting other pirates in duels, charvers, robs, trolls, etc. These will affect the payout of duels, robs, fish, etc.The bot will post a bounty if your mental state is too high. Ye can also 'ave reduced power at the highest mental states. Mental states will be reduced over time n' be doubled when restin' or ye can perform non-agressive commands such as fish, dig, dive as well as group commands like defend, crew commands, etc.

Mental State Amount
Normal 0-19%
Unstable 20-39%
Deranged 40-59%
Maniac 60-79%
Psychopath 80-100%

Mercy - Keeps other pirates (n' the Cap'n) from duelin', trollin', lockpickin', stealin', charverin', or send davey jones ye way fer 12hrs. Can only be used 3x per season n' !Pirate commands cannot be used fer 12hrs.

Mutiny - Starts a mutiny against the current Captain. Other pirates will be needed to vote n' to be successful be based on how many crew be onboard. If mutiny is successful, whoever started the mutiny will be Cap'n until they lose a duel or an hour has passed, whichever is sooner. See more here.

News - Displays news related to the game worldΒ 

Options – Lets ye set some personal options such as setting an auto-sell, highlights, personal messages, personal message types, and reminder messages.

Party - Starts up to 5 mass events for pirates to have some fun. Games are also free - meaning ye do not have to buy any bribes while the party is going on.

Ports <1,2,3, or 4> OR <faction> OR <info> OR <port> OR Today OR Status OR Unclaimed OR <port> to <port> OR Winner- Lists ports by 'page' when specifying a number or by faction. Can be used to view what faction controls the port n' the time it will take to sail based on ye current location on the map. This be used by the Cap'n or crew to choose where to sail.

Power <pirate> - Shows how strong ye be or another pirate be. Power is determined by yer level, weapons' levels, n' duelin' power bonuses. Check a pirate that be a crewmember of another ship wit' !Pirates Power <pirate> <ship>

Quests <pirate> -Β  Shows if ye be on a quest and what quests you have done today.

Quests List - Lists the personal quests available to begin. The types of quest are: bounty, item, treasure, monster, thief. The type of quest can be taken by other pirates, but will be regenerated every hour.

Quests Details <type> - Shows the information for the personal quest such as cost, reward, etc.

Quests Start <type> - Starts the personal quest type that ye specify.

Quests Work - Removes up to 3 hours off of your current personal quest, but it comes with a price...

Quests Group - Quest with other pirates to earn extra doubloons. Group quests vary in the mininum number of pirates required. Group quests be measured in pirate hours: the more pirates that join in the group quest, the faster they will be completed. All commands for group quests be entered with !Pirates Quests Group <command>. Commands: List, Details, Start, and Join. To start a group quest, use the Start command and there will be a 5 minute period for other pirates to join with Join.

Ranks – Lists the pirate ranks.

Referral – Lets new pirates specify who got em to join the crew. Referred crew members and the pirate who referred them earn a bonus for every 5 levels the new crew member makes.

Relations - Shows what your relations for all the factions. Faction standings will be based on the list here, but may change depending on if ye attack faction ships (when Cap'n) or if ye donate.

Rep - Same as Relations

Request - Lets ye make a request for the Cap'n. Ye can request another pirate be punished, sail to another port, n' more.

Rest - Recovers ye stamina at double the normal rate every 10 minutes. If ye use any !Pirate commands, ye will stop restin'.

Retire - Lets ye quit being a pirate.

Revenge - Revenge be based on how many times the same pirate has performed the followin' commands on ye durin' that day: charver, duel, davey jones, rob, troll. If that pirate has reached a certain threshhold of commands on ye, ye will be notified that ye can get revenge. When ye get revenge on a pirate, limits and cooldowns of the aformentioned commands will be disabled for 1 minute. If ye perform one of the commands on the pirate, the ability to get vengenance on them will be reduced. Use !Pirates Revenge <pirate> to specify who to get revenge on and !Pirates Revenge to see a list o' pirates eligible for ye.

Rusty - Shows the 10 triggers ye 'aven't used the longest. May be less than 10 listed if ye 'ave used less than 10 triggers since ye started playin'. Triggers that 'aven't been used in more than two days will earn ye an extra bonus the next time ye use it.

Sabotage1 - Ye can sabotage another pirate ship that be moored at the same port as ye ship wit' this command. Ye 'ave a chance to damage the other ship or steal doubloons.

Sail - Can only be used by the Captain - Sails the ship to a port or cell.

Season - Shows ye what season the ship be on n' what mod the season has. Mods will affect ships that are at least season 3+ n' will be randomized upon the start of a new season.

Ship - Lists various commands fer ye own ship n' other ships

Ships – Lists all the known pirate ships

Skills - Lists the skills ye can learn and the skill commands. Skills can also be learned by using skill books.

Skills Learn - Shows ye how to progress in a skill ye have started or progresses ye in that skill.

Skills List <pirate> - Shows what skill ye or another pirate 'ave and/or be learnin'.

Skills Start - Lets ye start learnin' a skill.

Skills Status - Shows ye progress in the skill ye be learnin'.

Skills Quit - Lets ye quit learnin' a skill.

Sponsor <pirate> - This can be used to advance a new pirate by two levels n' eanrs the sponsor a bonus.

Stamina <pirate> - Lets ye know how tired ye are. Ye normally have +5 stamina. Stamina be used fer performin' actions such as fish, rob, duel.Β  If ye are out of stamina ye can't duel someone, but they can duel ye. Ye can recover stamina with rum which can be purchased in the store. Check a pirate that be a crewmember of another ship wit' !Pirates Stamina <pirate> <ship>

Stats <pirate> - Shows some personal stats.

Steal <pirate> - Ye be a pirate right? Well then ye need to start actin' like one by duelin' and stealin' from other pirates. Ye can steal from pirates from other ships with !Pirates Steal <pirate> <ship>1

Status <pirate> - Lets ye know if onboard, healthy or hurt, stamina amount, age, level, rank, and how rich. Check a pirate that be a crewmember of another ship wit' !Pirates Status <pirate> <ship>

Store – This be the Ship's Store where ye can buy weapons, new nicknames, spouses, customized weapons, and more. Ye can sell and repair weapons here as well. See a list of items wit' !Pirates Store

Time - Shows the current time onboard the ship n' whether it be day or night.

Today <pirate> - Shows how much doubloons has been made or lost today and how much until next level.

Top <1,2,3, etc> – Lists the richest pirates. If ye list a number after the command it will show ye the next 'page' of top pirates. Example: !Pirates Top 2 will display the 6th thru 10th richest pirates.

Top Duel – Lists the pirates with the most wins in dueling.

Troll <pirate> - Trolls another pirate which has a chance to remove the doubloons, stamina, or even levels. The luck skill can better ye odds of a successful troll.

Tutorial- Lists extra help for certain topics. View the list of topics with !Pirates Tutorial and view the topic's tutorial with !Pirates Tutorial <topic>

Unload <shot> - unloads a cannon wit' the cannon shot ye specify.

Vouchers - Displays ye active vouchers.

Weapons <pirate> - Shows what weapons ye have and their durability. Weapon levels match yer level unless ye find a rare or unique weapon. Weapons have a base durability of 20. Customize ye weapon to increase it's durability. Each customization is worth 10 more durability and repairs ye weapon. Weapons will incur an upkeep fee once ye level up. It be best to sell weapons before ye level up to avoid this fee. Check a pirate that be a crewmember of another ship wit' !Pirates Weapons <pirate> <ship>

Wench - When ye are moored in a port, gives ye another way to restore stamina. It is cheaper than buying rum (unless rum is on sale !Pirates Store Sales), but ye have a chance of also earnin' a stamina n' power boost or a chance for a loss of stamina.

Whistle - Chance to help the ship sail faster or cause a calamity... If ye know certain songs, ye can earn a bonus... !Pirates Whistle <Song Name>

Work - Performs a work command for pirates level 10+ to be used to earn doubloons. This can also detect nearby underway pirate ships when sailing. Pirates below level 10 can use the landlubber work commands.

Yesterday <pirate> - Shows how much doubloons has been made or lost in the previous day.


 1 - Ships be defined as game instances that resides on different IRC networks. These ships must be moored at the same port as ye own ship.



Item Quality:

The higher the quality the more ye can sell it fer in a market.

Item Quality (in order of worth)



Below is a list of ranks. Once a pirate reaches level 30, the game ends its season n' everyone is reset to a lower level.

The first 9 levels have commands available to them to help gain doubloons:
pirates level 1-4 can do !Pirates Swab, !Pirates Carry, !Pirates Clean, !Pirates Rig, and !Pirates Lookout commands.
pirates 5-9 can do !Pirates Steer, !Pirates Fix, !Pirates Cook, and !Pirates Repair.

'prentice Gun'r
Cabin Boy
Senior Gun'r
Mess Cook
3rd Mate
2nd Mate
1st Mate
Powder Monkey
Sailin' Master
Quarter Master
Warrant Officer
'prentice Sailor
Able Bodied Sailor
Journeyman Sailor
Lt Commander
'prentice Boatswain
Pirate Legend


Auction House:

The Auction House can be a good way to acquire new items or earn doubloons. All commands are prefixed with !Pirates Auctions <command>

List - Ye can list all current auctions with this command. The format for auction listings is: <#ID NAME (QUALITY) CURRENT BID>. To view more details on an item use the Details command.
Details - Lists the details for a particular item in the auction house such as Owner, name, type, quality, starting bid, current bid, current bidder, worth, info, and an estimated time remaining until the auction closes.
Bid - Ye can bid on an item another pirate has posted. The format is !Pirates Auctions Bid <ID>. The ID will be the number before the item name and is identified with the # symbol. Ye cannot bid on your own items.
Post - Lets you put an item up for auction. Only items from your chest can be put up for auction. Post an item by retrieving the item's ID from your chest (!Pirates Chest): !Pirates Auction Post <ID>. The item's starting bid will automatically be set and the auction will close after 48 hours. When an item is posted to an auction, it will be removed from your chest. Once and auction closes and someone wins the auction, you will be paid minus commission costs. Auctions that close with no bidders will have the item returned to you at no cost.
Cancel - Items that do not have any bids on them can be cancelled for a small fee. !Pirates Auctions Cancel <ID>


Game Options:

There are two sets of game options, game options and player options:

Game Options - These options are specific to your ship (game instance) and can be viewed with !Pirates Game Options

FORMAT: Ship Nmae on Network@#Channel - Season started XXX weeks ago... Season Mod - Game Instance Options

The Revenge on OFTC@#PiratesGame - Season 1 started 233wks 4days 20hrs 14mins ago... Season Mod: none - Pirate Options: Anti-bot: off Anti-CMD-Spam: off Flood Protection: off Reduce Public Msgs: off Bot: PiratesTest Rating: Mature Password Authentication: off Cap'n Limiting: on @ 50% Discord relay: Pirates-tele

  • Anti-bot - Uses an algorithm to identify players who are using scripts or timers to play without actually being present
  • Anti-CMD-Spam - Ignored public messages which are performed within two seconds apart. Example: [08:41:25] <pirate> !Pirates Power || [08:41:26] <pirate2> !Pirates Info - where pirate2's command will be ignored
  • Flood Protection - The bot will queue messages in order to reduce the chances of being kicked from the IRC network for flooding
  • Reduce Public Msgs - Uses condensed messages for events. Enabled by default on channels that are not exclusively being used for only PiratesIRC
  • Bot - Name of the PiratesIRC bot
  • Rating <Mature or E 10+> - Censors some messages, prevents some commands from being used, and disabled ship-to-ship messaging
  • Password Authenication - Enabled players to authenicate with the bot in case Nick Services is offline
  • Cap'n Limiting - Events occur to keep the Captain from turning into Jeff Bezos and enabling others to catch up in wealth
  • Discord relay - Name of the bot acting as a relay between IRC and Discord

Player Options - These options are specific to you and can be viewed with !Pirates Options. Change your settings with !Pirates Options <option>

  • Autosell - Automatically sells ornamental items at Independent ports n' at all ports when ye ship wins controllin' the most ports
  • Discord - Enables the use playing from Discord. A discord relay bot must be enabled on the ship
  • Highlight - Will use ASCII characters to prevent your client from being highlighted/notified within a public message
  • MSGtype <auto,message,notice> - Will send messages to you in a private message (/message) or notice (/notice). If auto is chosen, will send a notice when you are active and a message when you are not
  • Reminders - Enables/Disables reminders for commands
  • Tutorial - Enables/Disable tutorial messages. Best to leave this enabled as new features will be explained as they are released


Status Effect Emojis: πŸ‘‘

A quick way to view some statuses affectin' ye or other players are shown below. Ye can view these in !Pirates Status or !Pirates Status <pirate> or in !Pirates Top.

  • Banned β›”
  • Brigged πŸ•²
  • Can be controlled / manipulated πŸŽ›
  • Captain Forfeited n' cannot be mutinied πŸ’±
  • Diseased ☣
  • Drunk 🍻
  • Gassed ♨
  • Hall of Fame players will have a πŸ‘‘ (crown) for each Season they have won
  • Hurt πŸ€•
  • Hysterical 😱
  • Mental state - deranged 😬
  • Mental state - maniac 😧
  • Mental state - psychopath 🀬
  • Mental state - unstable 😡
  • Old (aged over 30) πŸ§“
  • Overboard 🌊
  • Paralyzed ❎
  • Perk: Beast-slayer 🦸
  • Perk: Bone-crusher 🦴
  • Perk: Cannibal-Hannibal πŸ’€
  • Perk: Deadite-smiter πŸͺ“
  • Perk: Gangsta-slaya πŸ”«
  • Perk: Heretic ☼
  • Perk: Insurrectionist πŸ’£
  • Perk: Spectre-subjugator ✟
  • Planked 🀽
  • Poisoned 🀒
  • Resting 😴
  • Snake bit 🐍
  • Stunned πŸ’«
  • Trapped πŸ›‘
  • Vampyres πŸ§›
  • Werewolves 🐢
  • Zonbis 🧟



The game's difficulty will increase fer pirates who have won a season.

Seasons Won Difficulty Changes
0 Easy Players below the Captain's level by 4 or more will receive extra doubloons by performin' work commands.1
0 Normal No changes
1 Callous -10% doubloons for all events where doubloons are earned. Cap'n favor reduced by 20.
2 Impervious -20% doubloons, restarts at level 1, no season bonus in duels, -1 power. Cap'n favor reduced by 40.
3 Expert -30% doubloons, restarts at level 1, no season bonus in duels, -3 power. Cap'n favor reduced by 60.
4 Master -40% doubloons, restarts at level 1, no season bonus in duels, -5 power. Cap'n favor reduced by 80.
5 Impossible! -50% doubloons, restarts at level 1, no season bonus in duels, -7 power. Cap'n favor reduced by 100.
6+ Inconceivable! Seasons won * -10% doubloons , restarts at level 1, no season bonus in duels, -(seasons won * 2) power. Cap'n favor reduced by 20 * seasons won.
 1 - Added or updated Nov 2021



SuperBombs are a great way to treat ye favorite pirate to a minigame based on "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes".

SuperBombs can be acquired in auctions, random events, or stolen from chests. SuperBombs are planted on the pirate ye wish wit' !Pirates Use <Chest ID> <pirate>

A SuperBomb will explode when its countdown timer runs out or when a module is defused incorrectly. The only way to defuse a bomb is to disarm all of its modules before its countdown timer expires.

Modules: Each bomb will include up to 5 modules that must be disarmed. If ye fail to disarm any module, the bomb will explode. Learn how to disarm the modules by starting at page 5 of the bomb manual.

SuperBombs are defused wit' the !Pirates SuperBomb Defuse

Once a bomb has been fully defused, one of the modules will be destroyed and reduce the bomb's quality. The bomb will then be stored in the chest of the pirate who defused it. Higher quality bombs result in higher rewards, but not higher penalties.

Bomb Quality # of Modules
Common 1
Uncommon 2
Rare 3
Epic 4
Legendary 5


Bug Reportin':

So ye think ye found a bug, eh? Ye will be rewarded fer bugs that have not been previously reported, listed as a known issue, n' be reproducible!

Please be specific when reportin' bugs by pasting bot messages, why ye believe its a bug, what events may have triggered it, etc.

Ye can report errors, bugs, rats n' the such by messaging the bot on ye ship. See how in-game wit' !Pirates Bug

View a list o' recently reported, confirmed n' fixed bugs wit' !Pirates Bugs

The first message should be why you think it is a bug and the following messages should be bot messages of the issue.


  1. !Pirates Bug Ship tasks were messaged, but not really there:
  2. <@CaptchaJack> [P] Tasks need to be completed! P Ship Tasks
  3. <mruno> !P Ship Tasks
  4. -CaptchaJack- [P] No ship tasks at tis time!



Treasure Hunts:

Treasure hunts are a sort of scavenger hunt where you will receive a clue of where to sail. For example, if you received the following hint: "Tis be the key to the Floridas". The answer would be Florida Keys. To reach the next segment of the hunt, the ship will need to sail there. !Pirates Sail Florida Keys

Once you arrive at the presumed location, use the !Pirates Treasure Search command to find out if you are at the correct place. If you are, you may encounter a monster, gang, cannibals, skeletons, etc and must be defeated to progress. You may have to answer a riddle, or you may get lucky and just be given the next clue. For every leg completed, the crew will be rewarded doubloons!

The commands for Treasure Hunts are:

!Pirates Treasure - If only one treasure hunt, lists details for it. If more than one, lists the names of the sponsors. Use !Pirates Treasure <name of who sponsored> to lists details of the treasure hunt
!Pirates Treasure Help - Help for treasure hunts
!Pirates Treasure Launch - Lets the Captain sponsor a Treasure Hunt for other ships. If a ship is unable to complete the treasure hunt, the sponsor and sponsor's ship receive a reward
!Pirates Treasure Progress - Shows your own ships and other ships' progress
!Pirates Treasure Search - Use this to find out if you are at the correct location. This is also used to answer riddles: !Pirates Treasure Search <answer>

Treasure hunts consist of segments. The expiration for Treasure Hunts is based on the number of segments. Currently, the formula is: Segments * 2 hours = Expiration time

The first ship to complete the Treasure Hunt will be rewarded based on the number of segments. More segments = greater reward. If the clues to where the next location is too hard, they will be revealed every 1.5 hours, per segment.


Buried Treasure:

Ye can bury doubloons n' retrieve the treasure 2 days later for a bonus. After 3 days, the treasure will be unearthed n' can easily be found. After 4 days, the treasure will be lost. Ye can only bury treasure at ports wit' !Pirates Bury. Ye can privately bury treasure by messaging the bot !Pirates Bury

Ye can seek out buried treasure wit' !Pirates Seek. Ye be limited to seeking treasure only once per port n' will be given a list of sites where potential treasure be buried to choose from.

The number of buried treasures a pirate has can be viewed wit' !Pirates Info <pirate> n' ye can view if a port has any buried treasures wit' !Pirates Port Info <port>


Treasure Maps:

See the list of ye own maps n' ship maps wit' !Pirates Maps
You can find where treasure is hidden with !Pirates Search for player or ship treasure maps.

Player treasure maps reward players wit' doubloons n' may require ye to visit more then one port if ye not readin' the map correctly.

Ship treasure maps result in a reward o' rare weapons, vouchers, blackpowder, rum, doubloons, n' more fer the crew that is onboard.
They will either be at a cell/grid such as H3 (see the grid on the map) or at a port. Hints will be given fer the crew to determine where the treasure is located.
If the treasure has not been found after 3 days, the hint will then say what the location is. In addition, the treasure will be reduced.


Treasure Map Pieces:

Tired o' boring puzzles, riddles, n' visitin' ports in order to find treasure from a map? Well look no further, 8-bit quality maps are now available! Ye can get a piece randomly or thar be a chance when you keep a treasure map! !Pirates Use <id of treasure map> Keep

Graphical treasure maps come in 4 pieces, the upper left portion, upper right, lower left, and lower right. In order to find where the treasure is located, you must have all of the pieces or the piece marked with a red X.

Below is an example of a fully assembled map with each of the 4 pieces:

The upper left piece of the map MUST be found before you can retrieve the treasure as it contains the exact location of the treasure. To find what part of the game world the treasure map is showing, use the Atlas.

Pieces are stored in your chest so use !Pirates Chest Details <id> to get the URL of the piece in order to view it. A backup in case piratesirc.com is down is http://beastly.square7.ch/pirates/map/images/treasuremaps/<IMAGENAME.jpg>

Once ye think ye 'ave located where in the world the treasure is n' ye 'ave the piece wit' ❌ markin' the spot, 'ave the ship sail to the location n' search wit' !Pirates Search

Beware, pieces can be stolen from ye chest and the thief can end up finding the treasure before you. If they do, the treasure will respawn after a few days.

Pieces can be sold in the market or put up for auction. Once you already have a piece of a map, the next piece you will receive will belong to the same map. If you get all of the pieces of a map, the next piece will be to another map.

Rewards be: doubloons for the crew, more doubloons for you, a voucher, and a reward. Additional potential rewards be: a special weapon, (another) treasure map, rare cannonball, or an epic reward.